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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Excerpts from CCM presidential candidate's Musoma campaign speech

Last Saturday, presidential candidate for the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) made a campaign stop at Musoma and addressed residents of Musoma at the Mukendo Primary School grounds.
CCM presidential candidate and President of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, addressing residents of Musoma last Saturday.
Here are excerpts from his speech:
I have returned to ask you to allow CCM to continue leading this country. There are many reasons; I will mention three. First, there is no political party that is comparable to CCM in structure, network, policies, program, and plans and implementation; not one of them gets close to CCM.
Second, we are leading this country quite well. The country is calm, and the successes are clearly evident. The Tanzania of 1961 is not what it is today; that of 2005 is not what it is today. And in these five years we have accomplished a lot that in the past was seen as impossible. We have succeeded. 
Third, we are trustworthy.
In his speech, he did not neglect women:
If given the opportunity, women are capable. I promised women positions, many women in my cabinet more than in any other period in history, many judges. Everywhere, we promised fifty percent by fifty percent. In the coming parliament women will occupy fifty percent, and men will occupy fifty percent.
He continued:
We promised to improve access to various services: education, health, water, roads, electricity, and telephone networks.
In 2005, Musoma secondary schools had 3,000 youth. Today the secondary schools have 10,777. The honourable member of parliament has outlined challenges in teachers, books, laboratories, and teachers' housing. That is a fact. But the challenges are a a sign of development. Nevertheless, we are prepared to face these challenges and we have attained considerable success.
We decided to expand teachers' training at university level, and teachers training colleges at the diploma level. In 2005 we used to receive from universities not more than 600 teachers. This year we will receive 12,124. This is not a minor achievement. These are things that are done by diligent people like us, and are implemented by a diligent government like the CCM government.
Next year every secondary school will get not less five teachers. The university that we built at Dodoma will have 40,000 graduates each year. Among those 15,000 are students who are learning teaching. Do we still have a problem of teachers?
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malkiory said...

He did not mention anything about how he dealt with corruption during his leadership!

Neither did he clarify on his several controversial moves to campaign for revealed corrupt MP's.

o'Wambura Ng'wanambiti! said...

....he did mention by not mentioning it@Matiya...lol!

I like this 'hotuba' it is damn good for one to ponder...lol!

malkiory said...

Mr. Chacha, I comply with your zeal!