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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tanzania elections 2010: Opposition candidate, Dr. Slaa, holds rally in Musoma

Presidential candidate of the Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) was in Musoma yesterday and addressed a rally attended by CHADEMA supporters at the Mukendoe Primary School grounds.
Dr. Slaa addresses Musoma residents yesterday.
In a speech that lasted about two hours, Dr. Slaa urged residents of Musoma to vote for his party, criticising the government for failure in various sectors.

Dr. Slaa addresses residents of Musoma yesterday.
Some quotations from his speech:
If you want to win the war against poverty, you first have to invest in education. You cannot eliminate poverty by fishing without expertise. You cannot eliminate poverty by farming without expertise. That is why we have said in CHADEMA from next year, in order to tackle poverty, we will first deal with improving the education of Tanzanians. We will invest from pre-school; we will move to Standard VII. And you all know that Standard VII is worthless; your children who wrote their exams recently, cannot even write their names. We will move on to Form IV. And you know that even Form IV today has no worth in the eyes of the world. We will move to Form VI. Under this programme, Form VI becomes compulsory education for every Tanzanian child.
And within [this program] we will insert technical education, so that when the child completes Form VI, he should at least be able to form something complete.
That education, from pre-school, to Form VI, will be paid by the government of the United Republic of Tanzania.
There is no place in Tanzania where a litre of fuel sells for Sh.2,500/-. Within the allowances which push a parliamentarian's salary to Sh.7/- million, there is a fuel allowance with one litre paid at Sh.2,500/- since 2008. Speaker Sitta, I told you, reveal the salary of a member of parliament, put out an analysis of those millions - six point nine nine - so that Tanzanians can see it and then they will find out who is a liar....
The president that we need is an honest president; a righteous president, a president who does not grab public resources, a president who follows the footsteps of [founding president] Mwalimu Nyerere....This is a person that no one points a finger at, for his uprightness, and for his righteousness.
When we launched the struggle against EPA [President] Kikwete told us, 'the noise of Dr. Slaa and his colleagues is similar to the noise made by a door; they don't prevent the landlord from falling asleep.'
We are telling [President] Kikwete, 'the noise is increasing, and now you will never sleep again!'
Addressing CHADEMA's parliamentary candidate for Musoma, Vincent Nyerere, he asked:
Honourable MP, how many primary schools do you have in Musoma?
The member of parliament tells me there are thirty primary schools in Musoma. Now, what was tabled in parliament? For those thirty schools, the number of teachers teaching in those schools, Grade IIIA, is 14.
Honourable MP, how many secondary schools do you have?
There are fifteen secondary schools in Musoma. There are 45 teachers with diplomas; four with degrees. Forty five and four is 49. Divide that by 15 schools, how much do you get?
[Someone from the crowd shouts, 'two!']
No, not two, don't be unfair to them, it's more than three.
The meeting was also addressed by CHADEMA's parliamentary candidate for Musoma Urban, Vincent Nyerere and John Shibuda, former CCM member of parliament for Maswa who is now CHADEMA's candidate for the same seat after crossing over to CHADEMA.

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