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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Presidential candidate Peter Kuga Mziray's curriculum vitae

Peter Kuga Mziray, the presidential candidate in this year's general elections, slated for October, under the African Progressive Party of Tanzania (APPT-Maendeleo) party began his political career in 1995 when he unsuccessfully sought the Same East parliamentary seat under the NCCR-Mageuzi party.
Presidential candidate of APPT-Maendeleo, Peter Kuga Mziray
He made a second bid for the same constituency seat after moving to the Tanzania Labour Party (TLP) and lost to incumbent and former Minister of Finance Daniel Yona in the 2000 elections. In 2001 he was among the candidates seeking election in the East African Legislative Assembly, a seat that was won by Mabere Marando who has recently joined Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA).

APPT-Maendeleo was registered as a political party in December 2001 and fielded candidates in the 2005 elections, including the only women presidential candidate in Tanzania's history, Anna Senkoro. She has since moved back to the ruling party, Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM).
In the 2005 elections and in his third attempt to represent voters of the Same East constituency, Mziray lost the election to Mrs. Anna Kilango Malecela, wife of former Prime Minister Samwel Malecela.

The following is his brief curriculum vitae:

Qualifications and Experience:

11 years, planning of agricultural/livestock development programmes/projects. Main area of specialization: identification, preparation, appraisal, management, monitoring and evaluation of livestock programmes and projects
5 years


1992             MSc in Agricultural/Livestock Economics (University of Reading, United Kingdom)

1992 - 1993 Post-graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics (University of Reading, United Kingdom)

1991             Professional course in Agricultural project planning (Bradford University, United Kingdom)

1983 - 1989 MSc in Animal Husbandry at Lumumba University (Moscow, Russia)

Working Experience:

1995 – 2000 Livestock Economist with the Livestock Directorate

1992 - 1994 Project Preparation and Monitoring Bureau (PPMB), administered by FAO

1989 - 1991 Project Preparation and Monitoring Bureau (PPMB)

Consulting Experience:

1992 National Artificial Insemination Centre (NAIC), Arusha. Funded by World Food Programme.

1996 Charcos and Dam Rehabilitation for Mara, Arusha, Singida, and Shinyanga Project

1997 Rehabilitation and Development Plan for Ruvu Farm

1997 Agricultural Sector Programme Support (ASPS), Livestock Sub-Sector Programme

1998 MEDETO Environmental Project Morogoro: Monitoring and Evaluation Report

1999 The Study of Informal Cross Border Livestock Trade (ICBLT) Between Tanzania and Her Neighbors
1999 Livestock Component of ASPS
2000 Isaack and Sons Dairy Development Project, Tarime District, Mara Region
2000 Improved Beef Cattle and Goat Development Project, Kwala, Bagamoyo District
2000 Dairy Development Project, Chanika, Ilala District

Papers presented: 
"The influence of microelements in milk production for Dairy cows", 1989, MSc dissertation - unpublished.

"Artificial insemination in Tanzania" 1993, Post Graduate Diploma dissertation, Reading University, U. K. - unpublished.

"Privatization of State-owned Enterprises - issues and constraints", 1994, MSc dissertation, Reading University U.K.-unpublished.     

Projects Authored:
1997    Development of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) in Tanzania
1995        Kigoma Smallholder Dairy Extension Project
1995        Rukwa Smallholder Dairy Extension Project
1992        Kibaha Heifer Breeding
1992        Artificial Insemination Rehabilitation Project in Tanzania
1991    Poultry projects submitted to the National Bank of Commerce, and the CRDB Bank Limited
1991        Vikuga Pasture Seed and Hay Production
1990        Makutupora Grapes and Wine Production
1990    Kiluvya Livestock Project

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