Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

German treasures?

In Tanzania there are several spots, such as this one near Butiama (photo, below), with unexplained marks on rocks. The unconfirmed explanation given by some reveals that the signs were made by German colonialists who were in Tanganyika between 1891 and 1919. The Germans supposedly marked spots where they hid treasures.

The marks near Butiama appear to have been made a long time ago. They consist of two crosses, a few feet apart. A few years ago at a similar spot near this one in a cave some villagers were killed while trying to excavate what they believed to be hidden treasures.

I recall meeting someone in Dar es Salaam more than a decade ago who asked me to finance "an expedition" to Kondoa in central Tanzania to blow up by dynamite another spot with similar marks and believed to contain mineral treasures. I declined the offer.

Influenced by the few alien movies I have seen, I harbour the expectation that underneath these crosses near Butiama there are hidden beacons that will one day guide intergalactic visitors to Butiama. Butiama's residents probably stand a higher chance sighting an unidentified flying object over these marks than of becoming rich from discovering hidden German treasures.

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Anonymous said...

We have spotted a spot in kenya where when water flow to a certain spot it turns green,and after leaving the spot some few feet downstream it retains its natural color,l hear this is a sign of treasures hidden underneath.contact me at prezopeter@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

the properties from running water would change the color once, not constantly.

sayibaba said...

ive seen this kind of spot in our homestead and farm near by contact me to take that treasure +255785059995 or email saieddyson@yahoo.com

Madaraka said...

I am not a treasure hunter, but perhaps someone else who reads your comment might be interested and get in touch.