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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Weddings are different nowadays

Weddings are rarely what they used to be.

During wedding ceremonies in the past, the bride and groom used to sit obediently and were told by the master of ceremonies when to stand, sit, smile, cut a cake, and take the floor for the opening dance.

Today, the MC has the same power over the newlyweds, but the couple have more room to move around the reception hall. The new addition to the event is the introductions of their families made by each of the couple to the invited guests. In turn, they introduce their parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, as well as close friends in attendance.
At a wedding reception in Mwanza, the bridegroom takes the floor to introduce members of his family
Couples then were a quiet, subdued representation of themselves, whatever the true facts they concealed. Today, couples at a wedding openly express their feelings and they dance at every occasion throughout the reception: from receiving wedding gifts from guests, to moving to the next table to cut the wedding cake.

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True, in the contemporary globalized World, more changes are yet to seen as anybody’s culture is changing inevitably.

1.More added ceremonies and style are new e.g elaborate send off parties, kitchen parties, vunja jungu (Wedding Committee dissolution)

2.Variety of design and colour choices for the wedding dress / gown (white isn’t the only one)

3. Brides choosing or wedding registrars / religious leaders being flexible in developing wedding vows

4. The commercialization of wedding ceremonies (big business now!)

5. The introduction of divorce cakes

5. Not only, receiving gifts, but now the brides also start giving souvenir like tokens to the attendances. The list is endless!

Musuto wa- Chirangi