Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My version of the year 2011 in review: 24 February

As part of a group of cultural tourism stakeholders from Mara region I began the Cross Learning Visit organised by the the Cultural Tourism Coordinator of the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) at Mto wa Mbu in Arusha region.
We followed one of the tour itineraries of Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Enterprise (MMCTE), beginning with a visit to ricefields.
The next stop was at the wood carvers' shed. I asked whether they were originally from the area. They actually had relocated from as far away as Mozambique and Mtwara, areas which are known for their wood carving tradition. Rather than wait for the tourists in Dar es Salaam, these carvers had relocated to one of the few towns in Tanzania with a heavy concentration of tourists.

Then we were shown one of the largest cooking pots in existence, used in the preparatory phases of production of the local brew, mbege.

As with the wood carvers, Tingatinga painters have also relocated to Mto wa Mbu.

As we began the last stage of our tour we saw this Peugeot with a heavy load of bananas.

Moments later we walked through banana plantations.
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Brian Singer said...

Thanks for this! I'd like to hear more about your cultural tourism group. There is a guy named Joshua in Mugumu who should be a part of that. And a guy named Max in Nyamuswa.

Madaraka said...

Joshua Nyansiry took part in the Cross Learning Visit. He is aware of this program and is one of its active members. We are loosely connected by being accredited to the Tanzania Tourist Board. I am not sure whether I know Max. If you need further information on the Butiama Cultural Tourism Enterprise (BCTE) please visit us on Facebook.

Madaraka said...

The Facebook page is: Butiama Cultural Tourism Enterprise.

Madaraka said...

Brian, I visited your website. If you are interested in educating Tanzania's children for self-reliance then you might be interested in visiting the village of Butiama, the birthplace and burial location of the individual who authored the seminal policy document: Education for Self Reliance; Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere.

Madaraka said...

I thought I had seen it all, unti I saw this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jpZK2xyH_vo/T6jn311Q_pI/AAAAAAAAAq4/XC4aZdS_osI/s1600/316946_256953311013538_100000966129332_709583_448758752_n+copy.jpg