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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Zitto Kabwe switches to creative mode

I believe the recent release of the draft constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania by Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba's Commission has inspired the following piece of creative writing by Kigoma North (CHADEMA) legislator Zitto Kabwe:

I am a Tanzanian. Of blood cleaned by fresh waters of the lakes and the rivers and the streams of my great nation. A vision from the top of mount Kilimanjaro and honesty as clear as The Serengeti savannah. Pure as virgin beaches of Zanzibar. Hopeful as a product of Azimio. Sparkling as Tanzanite stone out of the Land of Maasai.

I am a Tanzanian. Born of the peoples of Africa, of Tanzania. The Pains of the struggle of African liberation. The pains of The Revolution. Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop me from being a Tanzanian, an African. The land of Kambarage. The state of our own creation. Whatever the difficulties, Tanzania shall remain ONE, Strong and UNITED. However improbable it may sound, Tanzania shall prevail. Amongst nations of the world. We are The United Republic of Tanzania.

I am a Tanzanian.

Among the recommendations in the draft constitution is a three-tier government, a federal structure that I interpret to be one step backward from the unity that is yearned for by Hon. Zitto Kabwe.
Hon. Zitto Kabwe addresses a CHADEMA campaign rally in Musoma in October 2010.
I ask to be excused if I detect a sense of desperation. I also thought a federal structure was more in line with CHADEMA's majimbo policy. Shouldn't Hon. Zitto be more upbeat?

The only semblance of creativity that I can claim title to in recent memory was inspired by TANESCO, the national electric utility company.

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