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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Free eBook: Learn to read minds

I recently stumbled upon this eBook by author William Walker, Learn to Read Minds: Practical Mind-Reading and I believed I had at last found the means to discover what some people say about me behind my back. I was mistaken. Mind reading proponents claim it is possible to acquire slightly different, but nevertheless remarkable abilities.

The author attempts to demonstrate in a series of gradual steps how a "suggestor" - a person who projects a thought or image - can transmit a thought or image to a "receiver", or person who receives the transmitted thought pattern or image, only by means of what is also known as telepathy or thought transference and "without the medium of words, or any other visible means of communication."
Reporting on some experiments, the author reveals how this process enables a blindfolded "receiver" to discover objects in rooms or words in books that are transmitted in this manner by the "suggestor" or "suggestors."

I thought the experiments provided rather compelling evidence although some scholars discredit claims that it is possible to transfer thoughts or images.

Here's the link to the free Android app download version:

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