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Sunday, 31 October 2010

We have to run while they sit

There is an interesting quote, attributed to Tanzania's founding president, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere in which he says that developing nations have to double their efforts in bringing about economic and social development to their countries, unlike developed nations that have already attained high levels of economic and social progress. He said, "we have to run while they walk."

Fast forward to the Tanzanian polls today, in which Tanzanian voters are casting their votes for president, parliamentarians, and councillors and to the photograph, above, which reminded me of the quote.

As I drove into Musoma yesterday, where outgoing MP of the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party, Vedasto Mathayo Manyinyi, is fighting to retain his seat and is receiving fierce competition from the candidate for Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) Vincent Nyerere, I noticed a truck had stopped on the road side to pick up supporters of CCM. Ahead, walking, was an enthusiastic group of CHADEMA supporters on their way to the final meeting of  CHADEMA's candidate. The meeting was held at the Mukendo Primary Schools grounds.

The CHADEMA supporters on the road certainly needed to run while their CCM rivals rode on the truck to attend the final campaign meeting of the CCM candidate. It remains to be seen who will be the next MP for the Musoma Urban constituency.

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