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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Le's travels: Mexico

I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Le Huynh in August 2008. He travels the world, and shares images and experiences of the places he visits. The latest post is of his visit to the pyramids of the Teotihuacan civilization of Central Mexico.

Dear friends, 

Long before the arrival of the famed Aztec warriors, there existed once a beacon
of technological might, the first great civilization in Central Mexico, a city with such magnificence in size and splendor of probably the largest pre-Hispanic empire: Teotihuacan. 
A graceful pyramid to the Moon
As early as 1st century A.D., the Teotihuacan Empire had already started to build the famous Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. These monuments have no equal
throughout the American continent and rival those of Egypt. Even in our times, the
Pyramide del Sol is still the third largest pyramid in the world. Grid plan was laid out
for avenues, palaces and temples around these structures for what will become thegreatest city of Mesoamerica. 
Le enjoys the view from the top of the Sun Pyramid.
For centuries after its fall, Teotihuacan remained an important pilgrimage site for the Aztec rulers. It was an empire which ruled by tribute gathering rather than by
dominating occupation which helped to spread its advanced civilization such as
writing and calendar system. Many Teotihuacan Gods such as the feathered serpent
Quetzalcoatl (life and fertility) or Tlaloc (water and rain) were still being worshiped
by the Aztecs almost a thousand years later. 
The life and fertility god, Quetzalcoat.
It is a privilege for us today to be able to gaze in wonder at these ancient
relics from a distant culture, a window of our past and a rich heritage of humanity. 

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