Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Newly-appointed District Commissioner Angeline Mabule arrives at Butiama

The recently-appointed District Commissioner to Tanzania's newest district, Butiama, was officially welcomed to the village of Butiama yesterday by Butiama's residents.

Butiama District Commissioner Angeline Mabula, seated in the middle at yesterday's welcoming ceremony. On her right is her father, Mzee Lubala while Musoma Urban MP Nimrod Mkono is seated on her left. To the right of Mzee Lubala is Butiama village chairperson, Zacharia Mang'ararya Wambura. On Hon. Mkono's left is Makongoro Ward councilor, Peter Wanzagi.
The hosts included member of parliament for the Musoma Urban, whose constituancy covers the new district of Butiama.

Musoma Urban member of parliament, Nimrod Mkono, makes a point during yesterday's welcoming ceremony for Butiama's district commissioner, Angeline Mabula, on his right.
Yesterday's event included speeches, cultural performances, and a sumptuous lunch at the culmination.

A choir was also among several cultural groups that performed.
The district commissioner was accompanied by members of her family, including her father, Mzee Lubala, who was one of the first district commissioners of independent Tanganyika whose first appointment was in Kwimba district. In his short speech at Butiama he said: "The position of district commissioner is not hereditary. My daughter has not been appointed to this position because she is my daughter; she is a competent leader."

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