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Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mary Kalikawe, member, Kilimanjaro Club

The Kilimanjaro Club lists people I know who have scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro, including those who join me every year on the annual the Mwalimu Nyerere/Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb. 

Mary Kalikawe joined me on my third annual Mwalimu Nyerere/Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb in December 2010. She reached the summit on a day that had considerable snowfall.

Mary Kalikawe is the Managing Director of Kiroyera Consulting, a tourism company based in Bukoba which opened a branch office in Mwanza in 2010. She joined the 3rd Annual Mwalimu Nyerere.

The updated Kilimanjaro Club list:

1. Markus Geiger
2. Notburga Maskini
3. Gerald Hando
4. Le Huynh
5. Jaffar Amin
6. Mary Kalikawe

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