Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Saturday, 2 February 2013

More on the Dodge Nitro 4X4

I normally drive a car that gives me only 8 kilometres to one litre of petrol.

The Dodge Nitro 4X4 produces impressive mileage. Three days ago, after filling a 70-litre capacity tank at Singida, and having driven to Dodoma (245 kilometres), remaining in Dodoma for a day (several other kilometres), and having driven back all the way to Shinyanga yesterday (another 701 kilometres), I calculated that the Dodge Nitro allows close to 13 kilometres per litre of diesel.
Filling up at Shinyanga.
Those 13 kilometres were driven at a speed of less than 110 kilometres per hour and with considerable use of the car's air conditioning system. Driving at 80 kilometres per hour and without use of the air conditioner could very well allow over 16 kilometres per litre.

It's a fast car topping 240 kms per hour. Which explains why I returned to Butiama with two speeding fines. I wonder who are the brilliant minds who designed roads and cars that allow speeds in excess of 200 kms per hour and a law that states you cannot drive more than 20 kilometres per hour in some sections?

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