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Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

4 reasons why you should fly with Fastjet between Dar, Mwanza, and Kilimanjaro

I'll update this list as I remember more reasons.

There are many reasons why you should fly with Fastjet between Dar es Salaam and either Mwanza or Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), the two destinations that are currently on offer. I have four.

1. Savings
Fastjet's fares are unbeatable at the moment. At Shs.32,000/- (pre-tax) for a one way trip from Dar es Salaam to either Mwanza or KIA, Fastjet beats all other airlines serving these two routes.

2. Cutting out the middlemen
When making reservations I have had extremely horrifying experiences with travel agents and airlines whose prices change by the minute to the same destination, and when you seek an explanation they come up with half-baked excuses about the fare on offer being provided depending on when you make your booking and about the availability of classes in aircraft that do not have any class compartments.
Approaching Mwanza airport to land.
With Fastjet the fare remains the same whether you buy direct from the airline or whether you pay through an agent.

3. Convenience of booking
Fastjet provides a simple method of making your own reservations online. No phone calls to airlines that keep you on hold listening to strange music, or to agents who never respond to your calls because they already have enough business to keep them busy until Christmas next year.

4. Pay for what you get
All airlines will charge you for services that you may not use, from the 20 kilo baggage "allowance" for unchecked luggage, for meals that you might not eat during the flight, and the ten beers that the passenger next to you will drink.

With Fastjet you pay for the service you use, from the extra luggage to the in flight drinks and meals. One likely bonus is there will be fewer drunk loud-mouthed passengers on Fastjet's flights.

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