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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dmitry is now a member of the Kilimanjaro Club

The Kilimanjaro Club lists people I know who have scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro, including those who join me every year on the annual Mwalimu Nyerere/Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb, or those I met during a climb and am aware reached the summit.
On my third climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro when I reached Stella Point at an altitude of 5,756m above sea level just after six in the morning, I met a climber from Russia, Dimitry. He should have been included in my Kilimanjaro Club list a long time ago.
In the photo Dimitry on the left with his guide, Frank, on the right and an assistant guide in the middle whose name I do not recall, with a good excuse: the park rangers on Mt. Kilimanjaro once told me that the freezing temperatures at the summit freeze the brain and memories.

The updated members’ list is:

1.   Markus Geiger
2.   Madaraka Nyerere
3.   Le Huynh
4.   Gerald Hando
5.   Notburger Maskini
6.   Jaffar Idi Amin
7.   Mary Kalikawe
8.   William Rutta
9.   Jim Becket
10. Andrea Wobmann
11. Steve Kamau
12. Jim Whitney
13. Dmitry

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