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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My World Cup predictions

Here are my first round predictions for the soccer World Cup which kicks off at Johannesburg, South Africa on 11 June.

My predictions are partly based on the FIFA World rankings, but slightly based on hunch. I hold no credentials for making these predictions; I am a keen follower of soccer only when the World Cup approaches. However, knowing how unpredictable match outcomes are, it is unwise to discount my predictions.

Here goes: these are predictions that name the two teams which will advance to the second stage, the last 16.
  • Group A - France and Mexico
  • Group B - Argentina and Nigeria
  • Group C - England and USA
  • Group D - Germany and Serbia
  • Group E - Netherlands and Cameroon
  • Group F - Italy and Paraguay
  • Group G - Brazil and Portugal
  • Group H - Spain and Switzerland
I am assigning a point each to a correct prediction per team, and a zero for a team that does not go through to the next round. If I get a 75 of my predictions right, I will consider changing careers and move into predicting future events.

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Anonymous said...

Brazil 2: Albino United 3 !!

kambarage said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, u were nt very gud with the african teams..better luck next time...