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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Mrs Susan Tsvangirai has died

Mrs. Susan Tsvangirai, left in photo below, who was featured in my last post, died in a car accident yesterday, while traveling with her husband and Zimbabwe's prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, right.
Susan and Morgan Tsvangirai at a campaign rally in Harare during the 2008 Harmonized Elections.
While details are still emerging, reports say that an official of the MDC, Zimbabwe's opposition party, has said there is no reason to believe that the accident was a result of foul play.

She is reported to have died on arrival at a hospital after the accident, and that her husband sustained only minor injuries.

Tanzania's prime minister, Edward Moringe Sokoine, died in similar circumstances when a car travelling in the opposite direction ploughed into his motorcade in April 1984. The driver of that fateful car was a South African exile. The accident raised suspicion that the accident may have been planned and could have been engineered by the Apartheid South Africa regime.

In this fragile moment in Zimbabwe's history, one hopes that the conspiracy theories that are already emerging surrounding this recent accident, remain just that: conspiracies, and that the incident remains a tragic accident. Zimbabwe needs time to heal.

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