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Friday, 6 February 2015

The problem with Facebook

When I was growing up (science says I stopped growing more than three decades ago) the most embarrassing thing that could happen to someone in my peer group was getting drunk, throwing up on oneself on occasion, and saying the odd profanity while drunk.

The embarrassment surfaced after sobering up and lasted for as long as human memory permitted. For our age, it wasn't long. With the passage of time, the embarrassing moments were forgotten by most.

I am glad Facebook emerged long afterwards.

Today Facebook, and other social media, provide young people with a means to permanently carve their unpleasant experiences on a platform for millions to view for an extremely long time. And even when second thoughts pushes one to remove embarrassing content, a Facebook "friend" would have most likely ensured that a larger circle of his "friends" would read about or view your gaffe. One thing is certain: the definition of ""friend" has evolved in unpredictable ways since I was growing up.

Sometimes what might appear as a normal thing to write at a young age might prove extremely embarrassing as one grows older.

I read an article which says some employers look up the content of their employees on social media networks to find out what mischief is carried out after office hours. That itself should discourage most of those who want to present the same responsible image portrayed at work by maintaining the same facade on social media.

It would be extremely inhibiting if one cares more about running up "likes" from "friends" rather than getting a favourable rating by his employee, but is extremely crucial for those who care about their careers.

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