Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Monday, 13 October 2014

What is this blog about?

In the sixth year of this blog I think I finally have the answer.

There’s a maxim from Blogging 101 that says if you blog about anything and everything you will drive visitors away. If you read through some of my posts, you might notice the very opposite; I write on a wide range of topics, but a common – though not consistent – thread is that I conclude my posts with an opinion about some issue. And I would say that some of my favourite posts are those in which I have an opinion about some issue.

Since launching this blog in 2008 I have avoided describing (in the header) what this blog is about for a good reason: I had no idea where it was heading and did not want to limit myself to a description on which direction it should take.

Although I have followed advice, again from Blogging 101, of limiting the number of topics on this blog to a manageable number (I even launched a new blog dedicated to my Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing experiences), the tags I am using still leave latitude to explore the universe and its diversity although I might be stretching the boundaries rather wide if I promise that you will read a post on Europa here.

Perhaps the title of this blog says it all: From Butiama and Beyond. I am blogging from Butiama, but I also blog an whatever topic of interest that I encounter beyond Butiama.


Matokeo Waziri said...

Its a nice restate, but you have to be consistence this time. I wish you good lack in blogging sphere

Madaraka said...

Thank you Matokeo. Do you mean to be consistent in What is this blog about? Or do you mean in posting regularly?