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Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chausiku Suleiman's unending pregnancies

I recently was in Arusha and visited a woman called Chausiku Suleiman who lives at Maji ya Chai, on the road to Moshi, near Tengeru. She has a strange story to tell: She continuously conceives and becomes pregnant each time she gives birth - without copulation.

She is 47 and has given birth to 16 children within a span of 30 years. She is married and the problems began after her fifth pregnancy. Three weeks after giving birth she sensed she had become pregnant again. Her current pregnancy is said to be more than three years old.
Chausiku Suleiman with some her children at Maji Chai near Arusha.
When I asked whether she has sought medical advice on her condition, she said doctors have been unable to diagnose her condition and have told her they cannot detect a foetus in her womb. 

She suggested that they sense she is imagining a problem that does not exist.

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