Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Transition: Kim Magomelo

I have just received the sad news that my friend, Abdulahakim Magomelo, known to many as Kim, died today in Dar es Salaam. He called me last week and informed me that he had been ill for a while with heart problems.
Kim with his son and daughter in Dar recently.
I believe I have known Kim for close to twenty years. He is famous for having been one of the few first Tanzanians to have launched a music and disco entertainment business for various events, including parties and weddings.

During my recent Mt Kilimanjaro climb, I had intended to keep the event, private, as last year. He, instead, suggested that since the object was to raise money for charity it was imperative that the event should be publicized as much as possible to raise awareness so that individuals would donate to the cause. When I was away from Dar es Salaam, he co-ordinataed most of the work involving seeking sponsorship from the various partners. He also provided excellent ideas and contacts for the actual publicity that unfolded.

He shall be remembered as a person who had a wide range of friends and contacts in government, business, and the entertainment industry. He also had a wry sense of humour. When he talked to me last week, while informing me of his illness, he joked that he had seriously wanted to see the end of this year.