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Butiama Bed & Breakfast

Monday, 26 December 2016

Why I don't like anonymity

Why I don't like anonymity should not be construed to have anything to do with hating free speech. It is about the other reasons why some individuals choose to remain anonymous when commenting online.

The ability to comment anonymously should be tied with some level of responsibility: responsibility to adhere to truth and honesty. Unfortunately, many of those commenting anonymously do not share this sense of responsibility.

Many lies, rumors, and fabrications are released online only because those who release this information cannot be held accountable to verify its authenticity.

I do recognize the value of anonymity as a means to give voice to those who want to release information they consider necessary to be released to the public, without endangering their freedom from persecution particularly in countries where freedom of expression is not permitted.

I have received on my blog harsh comments from anonymous individuals who stretched the scope of my topics to squeeze in a comment that suited their objectives and warped reasoning.

And I would have gladly posted their comments if they revealed their identities because, sometimes, when an identity is known a peculiar context may arise with each comment.

For instance, if you support country-wide prohibition of cigarette smoking it makes a huge difference to how that comment can be interpreted if you have a lost a family member to lung cancer.
An anonymous quote that should not offend anyone, but that might be attributed to President Robert Mugabe. President Mugabe has a fair share of quotations falsely attributed to him by an anonymous group of people who do not have the courage to defend their own convictions.
For non-serious issues, and particularly on matters where the reputation of individuals is not at stake, anonymity should not be an issue. I enjoy reading a few anonymous comments occasionally, and some are quite amusing.

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